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One solution for the entire ecosystem

One Solution for the entire Ecosystem

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Call for Proposals

Program Committee

Program Committee

Event Schedule

Event Schedule



Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Online Ticketing

Online Ticketing

Social Integrations

Social Integrations

Feedback Collection

Feedback Collection

Easy Networking

Easy Networking

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  1. Event Budgeting

  2. Forming Core Team

  3. Selecting Dates

  4. Venue selection

Pre Event

  1. Publish Event Website

  2. Call for Program Committee

  3. Call for Proposals

  4. Publish Sponsor Guide

  5. Announce Keynote Speakers

  6. Open Ticket Sales

  7. Market the conference

  8. Review Proposals

  9. Send Proposal Acceptance Emails

  10. Publish Final Schedule

  11. Market Speaker Interviews

  12. Open Workshop Registrations

  13. Pre-Event Webinars

  14. Call for Volunteers

  15. Sponsor & Speaker Co-ordination

  16. Collect Session requirements from speakers

  17. Regular updates to Attendees

During Event

  1. Attendee Check-ins

  2. Present Event Stats

  3. Broadcast key events on Social Media

  4. Live Stream the event

  5. Collect Session Feedback

  6. Attendee Engagement

  7. Promote Sponsor

  8. Send important announcements to attendees

  9. Sponsors Scan badge/Collect Leads

  10. Co-ordination between Volunteers

Post Event

  1. Event Retrospective

  2. Thank you email to Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees

  3. Collect Attendee Feedback

  4. Publish Event Photos

  5. Publish Speaker Slides and Video

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Why People Trust Us

  • The ConfEngine team have been excellent to work with and are very responsive to our needs in terms of functionality, usability and also in providing an integration API for our website.

    ConfEngine has provided a robust and flexible event management platform for YOW! Conferences and Workshops for the last 5 years. Recently they have provided the ability to integrate with Eventbrite which we use for ticketing. We use ConfEngine to manage submissions, reviews, sponsors, speakers, conference program schedules as the published slides and videos. Their platform has allowed us to focus on attendees, sponsors and speakers.

    In summary, ConfEngine team is great to work and I highly recommend their platform to all conference organisers.

    Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Founder, YOW! Conference

  • Confengine is a really useful tool for events of all sizes to solicit program submissions, review and select presentations and then share the conference programme and speaker info with attendees.

    The public interface is fun and friendly, and the admin tools allow me to effectively manage submissions and speaker info when I'm involved as a conference organizer.

    As a presenter, I especially appreciate the ability to create a presentation description and then submit the same session to a few different events.

    Ellen Grove

    Ellen Grove

    Interim Managing Director @ Agile Alliance

  • ConfEngine has served us for the last five years to organize Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo.

    Yes, we've experienced minor glitches, however, ConfEngine team has been continuously working to improve the product steadily. They have always prioritised enhancing the experience of conference organizers and proposal submitters. Kudos to the team.

    Our conference, RSGT has grown 130% in the number of participants and has become one of the best-beloved conferences in Japan where Agile enthusiasts gather. ConfEngine has helped us to gather geographically and culturally diverse proposals. We're looking forward to working with ConfEngine to better serve more diverse audiences together and continuing to succeed.

    Miho Nagase

    Miho Nagase

    Agile Coach | Founder and CBO - Attractor Inc

  • As Program Chair for the Agile DC Conference, I've been using ConfEngine since 2014 to solicit proposals, review the submissions, select the program, and build the schedule. It has worked very well for us.

    Oh, sure, there have been a few hiccups along the way. When I've run into a problem, the team has always been quick to explain how to do what I've been trying to do in the wrong way. And on the occasions when I've wanted some capability that wasn't there, they've often found a way to implement it in a timely fashion.

    Evaluating complex software like a conference submission program is a lot of work. I'm glad not to be doing that anymore. ConfEngine fulfills my needs.

    George Dinwiddie

    George Dinwiddie

    Program Chair, Agile DC Conference

  • ConfEngine is a valuable contribution to the community and a great tool that simplifies the hectic effort of conference organizers.

    For a brand new organizer of a brand new community conference every simple task can become a challenge.

    Luckily for me, as an occasional speaker, I had already been exposed to a few conference planning tools.

    I’ve done a small POC to compare them and selected ConfEngine to organize and plan the Big Apple Scrum Day.

    Very well structured, ConfEngine allows to solicit proposals from the interested speakers in the Agile and tech community.

    Community voting feature captures the interest of community members and helps the reviewers to build comprehensive conference program.

    Dana Pylayeva

    Dana Pylayeva

    Business Agility/DevOps Coach | Program Chair Agile 2021

  • We found ConfEngine easy to use as administrators - setting up the conference, adding reviewers, running the overall process was a breeze.

    We’ve been running Agile Israel for a couple of years now, and so far have not used a real CFP system. When we decided to run a CFP for Agile Israel we decided to use ConfEngine which I used to submit talks to the Agile India conference. It collects the right information from CFP submitters helping us with selecting good speakers/topics. The social aspects are nice as well.

    ConfEngine helps with the buzz by sharing a lot of the activity online in twitter. We weren’t able to create a social activity around reviewing/liking talks like we’ve seen around Agile India but social networking activity is a challenge in Israel anyhow.

    It is definitely a CFP system I would recommend any conference organizer consider. I’m looking forward to using it again next year, especially if they continue to actively add features…

    Yuval Yuret

    Yuval Yuret

    SAFe SPCT | PST | Enterprise Agile Coach

  • Having used Confengine since 2017 for at least 15 events, I have found it to be an extremely useful way of organising sessions and scheduling. The platform has been continuously improving and the support from their team is rapid and helpful!
    Ed Wong

    Ed Wong

    Founder, LAST Conference

    We've been using ConfEngine for years and no other event site competes. It is fantastic and does everything we need it to do.
    Craig Brown

    Craig Brown

    CEO, EverestEngineering | Founder, LAST Conference

  • I would recommend using ConfEngine for your conference management needs .

    We are using ConfEngine for our Discuss Agile Conferences, and we found it to be a very useful tool.

    It helped us in keeping the talk selection process transparent and also facilitated progressive acceptance of talks.

    Saket Bansal

    Saket Bansal

    Founder, Discuss Conference

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