Having recently joined a small custom development shop, I observed that they acted in a very agile way (high customer engagement, ability to respond to change and a strong focus on individuals and interactions) , but did not have any experience implementing Agile software development. In this session I will discuss how I have gently introduced some of the conventional Agile practices to help the organization deliver working software more effectively. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will be an experience report where I discuss the timeing and pace of rolling out agile development practices. I will discuss the introduction (and evolution of): 

  • Daily Standups
  • Sprint planning
  • Using a Kanban board
  • Demos 
  • Retrospectives

The focus on each of these will be how they were implimented and how they were adapted to the environment. 


Learning Outcome

The goal of this session is to hear the experiences of someone who is actively implimenting agile practies in his working environment. Ideally, attendees will come away with ideas on how to effectively apply or improve agile practices in thier environment. 

Target Audience

This session will be of interest to those who are experimenting with agile within their organization as well as those doing a soft roll-out of agile.

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