As we think about an environment 15-20 years from now, how is it different? In this interactive presentation, we will step back from our emphasis on frameworks, technologies, and process and consider what would allow us to move beyond these constraints. We will look at the reasons why we have needed guardrails to deploy software more predictably and frequently, and recognize that many of these guardrails tend to accomodate rather than eliminate disfunction. I will share a vision of what delivery could look like in the near-future to inspire us to think futher ahead as we evolve our industry.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • A step back
    • what current challenges/issues are we dealing with
      • example: scaling, deployment, integration, automation, culture, organization
    • how are we addressing these challenges today
      • example: SAFe, Scrum, Teams, Specific Tools, etc.
  • A look ahead
    • a pragmatic look at the challenges we have now, and a pragmatic, straightforward way of thinking about them
    • a glimpse of what our environment might look like as we think about these hurdles differently
  • Interaction / Discussion around the visions of a future state
    • does this vision seem achievable? why/why not?
    • does a vision like this change the way you might be thinking about your agile journey? why/why not?

Learning Outcome

Attendees will come away with the following outcomes:

  • A reminder of what we are really trying to accomplish here.
  • A refreshing look ahead as to what agile might look like as we get passed the impediments of today.
  • A potential mindset that reminds us of where we are going and why, as a tool for tacklng today's challenges w/ agile transitions.
  • Fun!

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Leaders, Evangalists that are interested in awknowledging the problems we are trying to solve, and explore visions for an evolved state.

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