Handling interruptions during sprints: How to fulfill client requests and reduce impacting development.

In a software development team, there are two primary jobs: development and support. However, depending on the size of the team, sometimes it is not feasible to separate these roles between developers. Problems arise when a team receives critical support requests during a sprint. Changing the scope of the sprint is not allowed; allocating certain team members to fix the issue may jeopardize the momentum of development. How can a team compromise between fulfilling customer requests immediately without impacting sprint development? In this talk, Sam will present a case study on how his team restructured its workflow to handle incoming requests while preserving sprint momentum.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Problem with fulfilling client requests while developing.
    1. Development team cannot plan for upcoming client requests.
    2. Development team cannot anticipate how many/few client requests come in.
    3. Fulfilling higher priority client requests comes at the expense of development.
  2. Discovering a solution
  3. Dependencies to make this solution work
  4. Positive Results
  5. Areas needing improvement

Learning Outcome

Presentation will provide a practical approach to gradually implement this plan. Audience members will be able to respect Scrum standards using this process and identify potential obstacles that may hinder or postpone implementation of this plan.

Target Audience

developers, scrum masters, product owners, those who work in a company that provides support on an application while adding features.

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