Agile Journey - Agile transformation, scaling and overcoming challenges

The presentation will take you through different phases of Agile rollout in large organizations taking HERE, a Nokia business as an example while explaining key points to keep in mind during each phase.  One will learn about various pain points that lead companies to implement Agile.

The presentation will also discuss the direction companies need to grow in their future Agile development.    

Can companies rest easy once they roll out Agile? Let us find out!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The presentation starts by describing typical conditions in organizations before Agile transformation. This includes the changing market conditions and development environment. Typically, an existing matrix based environment is found to be inflexible, which makes it difficult for development to respond to the ever changing market needs.  The primary pain point is that the existing gated process requires many months (usually 18-24)  to deliver any feature out into the market. Both product managers and developers become frustrated and unhappy with this result.
  • It is widely accepted that Agile can help companies to better respond to the market, while delivering quality software. 
  • The next phase in the presentaion explains the initial stages of rollout. For instance, a series of small pilot teams may be used to experiment with the process.
  • The presentation then goes into describing an example large rollout process as well as lessons learned. It will also discuss the current state of Agile within the company and potential growth opportunities that will foster a sustained Agile environment.

Learning Outcome

  • What to consider when deciding to rollout Agile
  • What to expect when large organizations rollout Agile 
  • Pain points during rollout 
  • Tips for sustaining an Agile organization

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, Testers, Architects

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  • Dan Neumann

    Dan Neumann / Susan DiFabio - Building Coaching Through a Mentorship Program

    45 Mins
    Experience Report

    Are you ready to begin your journey as an agile coach? Are you already a coach who is looking to grow your mindset and skillset? Are you in an organization and want to see its agility go to the next level? If so, invest just 45 minutes in this experience report about growing coaching within an organization.

    Building coaching skills isn't the exclusive domain of a multi-day training session. In fact, the best way to build a new skills is to gradually introduce them over time and use intentional practice to build those new skills into a habit. This session is based on running coach mentorship programs that spread the learning and practice over a period of months.

    Questions we will answer in this session include:

      Why is a coach mentorship program integral to growing an organziation's agility?
      What are some mistakes to avoid when creating a coach mentorship program?
      How can intentional practice be integrated into a coach mentorship program?
      What can be done to have an effective program where participants are in different time zones?
      How do you build support for investing time and money into a coach mentorship program?

    You will leave this session with a set of practical tips for setting up your own coach mentorship program.

    While this experience report is based on multiple iterations of building a Coach Mentorship Program within a Fortune 500 company, the lessons apply to an organization of any size.


  • Dan Neumann

    Dan Neumann / Susan DiFabio - Balloons, Rice, and Folded Paper - Secret Tools for Learning (and Teaching) Agile

    240 Mins

    Experience agile in a fun, insightful, high energy, simulation where you will work in iterations to build products, test them, and apply feedback.  You will participate on a team and use a backlog, business values, sizing, and prioritization.  You’ll plan, execute, deliver, and reflect.  

    This session is a great way for you to experience working on a team in quick iterations and to see first hand how team members can gel quickly, combine skills, learn by doing, and achieve together.  If you have  been working on teams for a while, this simulation will help you see your current process in new ways and open up new opportunities for improvement.  

    Don’t worry, no technical skills are required - anybody can participate.  We have run this exercise with a number of different groups and the results are consistent - lots of energy, lots of insights that can be taken back to the real world, and lots of fun!

  • Susan DiFabio

    Susan DiFabio / Dan Neumann - Agile Coach Activity Pack - Experience and Learn Through Four Simulations

    240 Mins

    Attention coaches, Scrum Masters, and facilitators! This session is for YOU! Come get hands-on experience with a variety of games and activities that you can use to help people understand the power of Agile ways of working.

    When working with people who are new to Agile it is important to engage them in the experience. Talking about the wonders of collaboration and communication rarely changes anyone’s mind, but creating an environment where they can experience the value of rapid feedback, creative communication techniques, and collaborating as a team can help them see new opportunities for application in their day to day work.

    In this session you will not only get to experience these activities, you’ll come away with new skills in how to conduct them and debrief them as well.