Organically Scaled Agile: Creating a CLEAR Agile Portfolio

Working on the right thing, at the right time, with the right people. Scaling Agile throughout the organization doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Perhaps you want to apply SAFe but it feels to big to fit us or we are too big to fit it?

In this interactive session, Robert Woods will highlight the C.L.E.A.R. (Collaborative – Lean – Evolving – Adaptable – Reportable) concept of scaling Agile into an organizational portfolio management process.

Attendees will learn how by applying basic Agile methods and principles, they can organically scaling Agile to the top levels of an organization and achieve a scaled framework catered to their specific needs.

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Outline/structure of the Session

We begin by simply doing a quick review of what makes Agile successful at the team, project and story levels.

We then walk though how we can apply the CLEAR (Collaborative-Lean-Evolving-Adaptive-Reportable) concept to each level which creates an organically scaled Agile adoption that caters to the organizations specific needs.

Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes will be:

Reinforced Knowledge of Agile at the team and project levels

Adopting more of a corporate Agile mindset as opposed to forcing a framework into place

Identifying your organizations specific needs for scaling agility

Target Audience

Portfolio Managers, Project Managers, Executives

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