Is the scaling framework your organization is on helping you to Be Agile or pretend to be Agile? How about drafting one that stays true to Agile principles and helps with what your organization needs most while scaling?

While there are many frameworks available to scale Agile it is important to discern if these prescriptions address the real problems that an organization encounters while scaling up.  Does one size fits all? Is it worth adopting a framework and then retrofitting the organization into it or it is a better proposition to understand the dynamics of the organization, the existing challenges and business objectives first and then carve out a scaling approach, keeping Agile principles intact, that suits the organization's needs best.

This interactive workshop is about discovering the best approach to create your own scaling framework, one that is custom made to respond to your organization’s needs. 


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

What is Scaling

-What does Scaling Agile means

-Activities to create own scaling framework

-DIY 1.0 Scaling Agile Framework


Learning Outcome

What are the real challenges while scaling Agile

Why each organization’ system is unique and one size does not fit all

Discovering the best approach to scale Agile as per one’s organization’s needs

Why DIY can be a better approach

Why principles value over practices

Target Audience

Agile Practioners, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Agile Program Lead

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