Agile Maturity and Empowerment Model for Distributed Teams

The paper will highlight about how distributed agile teams will be empowered and how they can adopt different agile practices as their maturity grows.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk of around 30 mins, will contain 8-10 slides, 15 mins for discussion and QA session

Learning Outcome

How to empower distributed agile teams, agile maturity model for distributed agile teams

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Managers

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  • Alhad Akole
    By Alhad Akole  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Amit,

    Can you please provide more details on Agile Maturity model? How this will be used and what are the benefits of it over other maturity models available in market.


  • Vishal Prasad
    By Vishal Prasad  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Amit, 

    Could you please provide an outline of your session as bulleted sub-topics so it's easier to understand how it's distributed over 45 minutes? It will also be helpful if you can add any related presentation slides.

  • 45 Mins

    This talk will present you with the real time challenges and ideas to deal with them in a healthy way with SAFe framework.

    • Challenges the organization needs to deal when they deal with Enterprise transformation.
    • How Leaders and Agile Coaches play an influencing and critical role in enabling the organization in scaling agile practices
    • How the leadership teams can make or break the deal
    • How the 5 critical challenges are addressed with Lean practices embedded in the SAFe framework.
    • Some tips to make it happen.
  • Liked Anand Murthy Raj

    Anand Murthy Raj - Improving Agile coaching with amazing insights from Indian Mythology

    45 Mins

    Agile Coaching concept is relatively new to us, but coaching has been a part of our culture since 2000 years. This session is a attempt to open those hidden treasures and enhance our true coaching culture. This is an attempt to see and learn from those stories told to us by our parents, grandparents to help us understand Agile coaching and create a great future to self.

  • Liked Ruchi Mishra

    Ruchi Mishra - Agile : Lets Think Beyond Theory!!!

    45 Mins

    Its high time that we go beyond the conventional thinking and learning for Agile and propagate the real essences of Agile and its various techniques. It’s truly said that half knowledge is more dangerous than full knowledge. Currently organizations are tangled with the misconceptions of Agile which are carried by managements and its high time they we help them overcome these wrong facts and misconceptions

    This session will focus on few of high flown myths like

    1. Agile is a Fad
    2. Agile is a Methodology or Philosophy?
    3. Agile is solution to every problem
    4. Agile is not disciplined
    5. Agile says no documentation
    6. Agile Says No Planning
    7. Agile has lot of changes
    8. Agile doesn’t support Architecture
    9. Agile means Fixed Cost Project?
    10. Agile Means : No Manager!!!
  • Liked Ruchi Mishra

    Ruchi Mishra - Innovation in Sprint Ceremonies

    45 Mins
    Experience Report

    Scrum ceremonies, in most of organizations which are currently on path of Agile Transformation is a substitute for SDLC processes which were earlier followed. The need is to get them out of the cocoon, and provide them with wide variety of options that scrum masters can incorporate in the scrum ceremonies, making it more effective, interactive and fun to attend along with serving the main purpose of ceremonies.

    I myself in my project have experimented with various styles of retrospective, collaborative team activities and innovative style of doing stand ups. The finding from these innovative ideas is a good take away for the scrum enthusiast.

    The entire journey of how a team considering ceremonies as burden are not reaching before time to attend them and at the same time delivering beyond expectations. We not only took the amateur group of people and delivered the goals but we created a highly functional scrum team out of it.

    The goal for coming years to make this team more mature and cross functional will also be shared.