Scrum ceremonies, in most of organizations which are currently on path of Agile Transformation is a substitute for SDLC processes which were earlier followed. The need is to get them out of the cocoon, and provide them with wide variety of options that scrum masters can incorporate in the scrum ceremonies, making it more effective, interactive and fun to attend along with serving the main purpose of ceremonies.

I myself in my project have experimented with various styles of retrospective, collaborative team activities and innovative style of doing stand ups. The finding from these innovative ideas is a good take away for the scrum enthusiast.

The entire journey of how a team considering ceremonies as burden are not reaching before time to attend them and at the same time delivering beyond expectations. We not only took the amateur group of people and delivered the goals but we created a highly functional scrum team out of it.

The goal for coming years to make this team more mature and cross functional will also be shared.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Presentation, Photographs and Discussion , activities

Learning Outcome

How sprint ceremonies can be revolutionized and made more fun instead of just a substitute of SDLC process and at the same time increasing productive of the team

Target Audience

Scrum Enthusiasts, Scrum Masters, POs

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