Agile Transformation kick start: Creating a Foundation for Success: case study in a real time

This experience report presentation will discuss an approach deployed for successfully initiating an Agile Transformation. The organization has adapted Scaled agile framework as a means to achieve business results. This presentation focus on 5 important steps. 1. Diagnostics - Purpose of transformation and understanding the business challenges at all levels of the organization. 2. Solution Design - High level solution design and leadership commitment, 3. Preparation of agile release train launch in agile way – Preparation via executing one week sprints 4. Training and Coaching teams – training and coaching the teams on agile principles, practices, frameworks, role specific coaching. 5. Define and measure effectiveness

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Leadership commitment/Involvement
  • Diagnostics : Purpose of transformation and understanding the business challenges at all levels of the organization
  • Solutions direction: High level solution design and leadership commitment.
  • Key role mapping : Identify key role and mapping
  • Transformation Planning: Transformation program planning and executing in sprints
  • Establishing role description and Role Mapping: Role identification and mapping with respect to all key program and team roles
  • Team configuration: Team configuration based on nature of work and value proposition
  • Role specific/team training: Training such as Agile, SCRUM, leading SAFe, SAFe PM/PO and SAFe for teams training
  • Role specific/team coaching: Role specific coaching for all team and program level roles such as PM, PO, RTE, SCRUM master, lean agile leaders and leadership
  • Establishing way of working : Considering the nature of work, organization culture, developing way of working based on agile principle and practices and training
  • Kick start

Learning Outcome

  • How to kick start agile transformation in agile way
  • How to create a stronger foundation for successful agile transformation.
  • The key factors to consider
  • Exposure to Real time examples and case studies

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Management folks, Agile Coaches, SCRUM masters, Agile Practitioners

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  • Vishal Prasad
    By Vishal Prasad  ~  10 months ago
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    Hi Sathyanarayana,

    Can you please add a video of one of your previous talks on the same or different topic? A summary video will also suffice.

    • Sathyanarayana H R
      By Sathyanarayana H R  ~  10 months ago
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      Dear Vishal,


      Here is one sample link