DevOps has become buzzword that means different things to different people. Instead of trying to define DevOps, we are going to describe the foundational concepts that different people associate with DevOps.

IT organizations are adopting DevOps practices to enable more frequent software releases to production, both to accelerate time to market and improve the overall customer experience. But adopting DevOps practices requires a cultural shift in terms of the people, processes and technologies involved in development, testing and operations. Many organizations encounter significant challenges when embracing DevOps.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Introduction
  2. Group Activity 
  3. ABCD-evOps
  4. Why The Formation - DevOps
  5. What The Formation - DevOps
  6. How The Formation - DevOps
  7. Why Test Formation  
  8. Tools - Quick Demonstration of Tools using Docker 
  9. DevOps Maturity Phases

Learning Outcome

  • Clarity of DevOps Concept
  • DevOps culture
  • DevOps tools

Target Audience

Engineering managers, ops, developers, software engineers, directors

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  • Vishal Prasad
    By Vishal Prasad  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Dhiren,

    Could you provide your presentation slides (even if in a draft state) and a video (of your previous talk or a summary of this topic) please? What will be the approx. time distribution of the sections you mentioned in the outline? Would it be possible to run this session as a workshop?

    • Dhiren
      By Dhiren  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Vishal,

                  I shall be sharing presentation shortly, I shall be also updating approx. time distribution for my sections mentioned in outline.

      Can we run this as workshop ? as of now its plan for knowledge session but if we have available time slots and requests from people to run this session as workshop,  I will love too, also same I will check with Organizers.

      Thanks for your comments. 

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