Leadership orientation for Agile Coach/ScrumMaster for success

Coach performs various roles during his/her assignment. At times, he will be trainer and at times he will wear hat of consultant, mentor, facilitator and coach (of course) . These roles portraits him/her as leader, as Leader is not designation given but earned.


In this talk i would like to present various leadership orientation for an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster. I will talk about seven different attributes of leadership orientation viz Goal, Action, Result, People, Task, Future and Risk. The session will have some activities/survey to keep participants engaged.


This session will throw lights on different orientation required for a successful coach (read person) and balancing out them for maximum.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Warm up - introduction to topic

Are you at right place

-- 5 minutes


7 orientation for smart work

Balancing act between different orientation

Survey (before and after) and couple of activities for participants


Wrap up/Q&A and call for action

-- 10 minutes

Learning Outcome

How to use and apply different leadership orientation on

-- Building successful team

-- Working on a project

-- Making plans

-- Improve personal life

-- Become leader. Remember, Leader is not a designation given but earned!


and balance out different styles for maximum.

Target Audience

Everyone, ScrumMaster, Project Manager, Team Member, Those who wants to be successful

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  • Rajiv Bajwala
    By Rajiv Bajwala  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Rahul,

    This is a great topic. Given the content that comes with the 7 aspects of leadership orientation, do you think you'll be able to squeeze it in the 30min timeslot you have given yourself? I'm sure you will have real life examples of each of the attributes and steps for us to inculcate them.



    • Rahul Shah
      By Rahul Shah  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Rajiv,

      Good to know you liked the topic.

      Completly agree with your point. However, 45 minutes (considering little-no break between session) is too less to cover any topic thoroughly. Not everybody will engage with every orientation however, every if participants get engaged with one of the orientation and takes something with them, it would server the purpose.

      Many a times, one may be following few of them orientation but do not recognize and if this session helps them reconnect, I would be happy. Though I have 30 minutes for core topic, I will be using all 45 minutes of talk related to the topic. Repeatation is mother of learning and hence it is required as human brain can absorb only 15% of what they read/listen.

      Apollogies for the late response.