In this session we will focus on some of the key challenges that an early stage start-up faces and how Agile can be used to help ease some of those challenges.

Agile helps organizations get new features to market quicker than a Waterfall cadence allows. The smaller iterations lead to quicker feedback cycles, helping to steer the Agile team in the direction the market is pulling.

Studies reveal that for early stage start-ups thriving in technology uncertainty and acquiring the first paying customer are among the top challenges. For Start-ups iterative product development alone cannot help them steer faster. Iterative customer discovery and development is crucial and should be done in parallel.

In a Start-Up Agile is about Build-Measure-Learn in a true sense for all areas - Product Development, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations.

Its very easy to get passionate and stuck with an product feature and try to implement it faster but score product themes against various criteria which are important for your product to achieve the strategic goals, e.g. viral growth, increase in customer adoption, more visits etc. The cost of developing a not-so-used feature is much higher in a start-up vis-a-vis in a big company.




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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Challenges for start-ups
  2. Customer Discovery and Product Development
  3. Learnings from my Experience
  4. What works and what does not work


Learning Outcome

  1. Adopting Agile for Start-ups
  2. Embrace the challenges of start-ups and tailor Agile methodologies

Target Audience

Founders, Technical Architects, Product Managers, Marketing team

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