Agile manifesto was born in 2001. Various lightweight methodologies came under the umbrella of "Agile" methods/practices. With the evolution, various frameworks/methods have come up to address the challenges of scaling Agile at large level. 

When it comes to Agility at small scale such as Startup or smaller companies, the traditional Agile practices including some of the principles do not fit as is. With this talk, I would be sharing my personal experience as a startup founder and the knowledge I have built based on the newer practices to address Agility challenges at smaller scale.  


Outline/Structure of the Talk

World of Scaling Agile

  • Foundations

New World

  • Definition of Startup
  • Dilemma
  • Exploration

Small Group Activity (2 min)

History of Agile and Key Takeaways

Current Trends

  • Lean Startup
  • Design Thinking



Learning Outcome

Key Takeaway

  • Traditional Agile principles and need for adapting to newer ones
  • Brief Overview of New Practices and Principles

Target Audience

Any Agilist

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Public Feedback

    • Chandan Patary

      Chandan Patary - Enterprise Agile Coaches are Systems Thinker

      Chandan Patary
      Chandan Patary
      agile coach
      schedule 3 years ago
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      45 Mins

      As a enterprise coach we all need to go beyond team coaching to enterprise transformation process to bring end to end agility into the organization.Coaches are connected with various business lines while coaching.They can visualize and help organization to break the organizational silos.

      To be effective, the action taken must alter the interrelationship of the parts or silos. Unless one alters the relationship between or among the parts, there is little hope for effective change.

      Using the principles of systems thinking offer coaches to new ways of seeing and of interpreting what we see.

      As an enterprise agile coach how we can apply systems thinking at our work context a journey with me.

      Sharing my learning and observations with deploying systems thinking for scaling agility into the organization.

      I have all my linked in post related to this theme.

    • Anand Murthy Raj

      Anand Murthy Raj - Improving Agile coaching with amazing insights from Indian Mythology

      45 Mins

      Agile Coaching concept is relatively new to us, but coaching has been a part of our culture since 2000 years. This session is a attempt to open those hidden treasures and enhance our true coaching culture. This is an attempt to see and learn from those stories told to us by our parents, grandparents to help us understand Agile coaching and create a great future to self.