There are situations that agile coach and scrum master face challenges after a certain number of iterations in maintaining team’s enthusiasm adhering to core values and principals of agile and creativity. Team and stakeholders start feeling a kind of monotony and cyclic repetition of activities that largely impacts on Self organization and Cross functionality.

Specific to agile, Design Thinking so far is seen as a way of taking care of WHAT part by means of better and precisely building product backlog in early phase of the project. However it is leant that Design thinking can be practiced successfully in the rest of agile life cycle to address said issues.

Application of systematic and wisely selected Design Thinking techniques or methods through out the agile project life cycle significantly enhances the purpose and help us in keeping the team’s pace, interest and stick to agile manifesto. Hence Design ‘Agile’ Thinking.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Preface - 5 minutes

Challenges in sustaining Agile mindset and culture – 10 Minutes

Brief on Design Thinking – 5 Minutes

Design Thinking and Agile – 5 Minutes

Activity – 1 (Product refinement) – Territory mapping, Creative reframing – 10 Minutes

Activity – 2 (Effective Demo / Review) – 3W – Who, What and Wow, 5W+1 H – 10 Minutes

Summary and Conclusion – 5 Minutes

Learning Outcome

- How Agile and Design Thinking are natural partners

- Application of Design Thinking in Agile beyond Product Building

- Learn to sustaining team's enthusiasm,Self organization & Cross functionality and avoid  monotony.


Target Audience

Anyone who practices Agile

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  • Vishal Prasad
    By Vishal Prasad  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Ravindra & Gargi,

    Could you provide the details of the activities please? In case you've utilized these activities on your projects then please share some case studies or presentations. It would be nice to have a video of your past session or a summary video of this topic.

    • Ravindra Thakur
      By Ravindra Thakur  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Vishal, 

      The titles of the activities are already provided in outline/structure of the session. 

      We'd be conducting these activities with the help of few volunteers from the participants. In case you are expecting us to share the complete details of each activity, please let us know how to share it with you on this tool as there is no way to attach the material to this message. We would like it to share it with you only and not on the proposal page. 

      We have used some of the Design Thinking methods in my recent project and seen positive change in the team. That is what we'd be sharing with the audeinece. The draft version of this session could be uploded by today EoD and the final version would be attached / uploaded till next Thursday once it is finalized and got reviewed internally. 

      Kindly share your contact details. 


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       Having better understanding of Emotional Intelligence will help everyone in organization to tackle Agile transformation far better way than one doesn’t have knowledge and skills of Emotional Intelligence.

      These are components of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulations, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Research shows that one can work on improving emotional intelligence. This talk will provide guidance how to use Emotional Intelligence at work especially mapped in context of Agile Transformation.  

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      • Challenges the organization needs to deal when they deal with Enterprise transformation.
      • How Leaders and Agile Coaches play an influencing and critical role in enabling the organization in scaling agile practices
      • How the leadership teams can make or break the deal
      • How the 5 critical challenges are addressed with Lean practices embedded in the SAFe framework.
      • Some tips to make it happen.
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