Fail-safe ways to bring energy into scrum team!

In this session I will share my experience/experiment on how to build trust and bring energy into team. 

An energized team would excel in all areas of software development. Especially, if someone is following scrum, bringing energy into team is inbuilt through self organization & face-to-face communication. Iterative development, daily stand-up, review, burndown, task-board, and retrospectives events; all designed to energize the team.

However, many a times we find that the work becomes monotonous and in turn, drains energy from the team. In this session I will present some quick (to experiment) but effective ways to increase team bonding and drive energy to the team which gave positive results for my teams.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Meaning of energy and its context related to team
  • What role liveliness play in various areas of team functioning
  • Inbuilt mechanism of scrum to bring energy into scrum team
  • My experience/experiment on bringing energy into team
    • Ask - more interaction - more energy 
    • Bingo - with fun, it brings energy
    • Share - build trust between team members to bring vitality
  • Call for action to attendees 
  • Summary

Learning Outcome

  • Discover inherent principles and events of Scrum which makes team lively
  • 3 simple techniques to bring energy into scrum (any) team
    • Ask - More Interaction --> Energy
    • Bingo - Bring Fun --> Energy
    • Share - Build Trust --> Energy
  • Share my own experience/experiment implementing this with attendees 

Target Audience

Everybody wants to make team lively, energetic and build trust, Scrummaster, Coach, Manager, Lead, Team members

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    Leadership orientation for Agile Coach/ScrumMaster for success

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    Coach performs various roles during his/her assignment. At times, he will be trainer and at times he will wear hat of consultant, mentor, facilitator and coach (of course) . These roles portraits him/her as leader, as Leader is not designation given but earned.


    In this talk i would like to present various leadership orientation for an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster. I will talk about seven different attributes of leadership orientation viz Goal, Action, Result, People, Task, Future and Risk. The session will have some activities/survey to keep participants engaged.


    This session will throw lights on different orientation required for a successful coach (read person) and balancing out them for maximum.

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    Power of self-retrospective

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    Rahul Shah
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    One of the twelve Agile Principles read: At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. 

    However, how many times we do retrospectives for what I have done and what I am going to do to become more effective? How many times I identify (in a positive manner) what has worked for me and what steps I need to take to be better at what I do?


    In this talk, I am going to talk everything about self-retrospective, what it is, when to use, what are the steps and most importantly, how to do it in positive way to get charged up. This session is not specific to any role and for everybody. One can take the learnings from this session and apply it is personal life as well to reap benefits.


    This session will have some activities for attendees to get engaged into Inspect & Adapt for self-retrospective.