Using a Kahoot Online Survey/Quiz as a facilitation technique to spark engagement and open the space

In recent years I've been using Kahoot and other similar techniques to help me facilitate agile workshops and sessions all the way from the team level to the enterprise scale (and even conference talks). 

Kahoot is an awesome online Quiz/Discussion/Survey tool that is free and easy to both setup and use. I use it to assess knowledge in order to focus learning, assess level of maturity in order to focus coaching, as a fun quiz to generate some laughs, an estimation game, as a safe way to gauge confidence level in plans drafted in a workshop as well as to run audience surveys during conference keynotes or as a quiz that drives a learning session. 

In this workshop we will experience the whole game design/use cycle - from identifying the need/purpose all the way through game design to actually experiencing play.

We will review the thinking behind some of the games I designed and use on an ongoing basis.

Then you will work in teams to create and experience your own games addressing your own needs. 



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Play a kahoot about kahoot and agile games to get a feel for it.
  2. Talk about the use of kahoot as a Lean/Agile Coach/Change Agent/Servant Leader (probably driven as a kahoot quiz as well, we shall see)
  3. (Stretch) Introduce some alternatives like PollEv (that is more open rather than closed-format) - will think whether that makes sense or too defocusing
  4. Quickly Play a couple of popular lean/agile kahoots to get a feel for how one might use them in their workplace. 
  5. workshop to design your own kahoot
    1. short timeboxes for identifying an interesting context/need (probably using 1:2:4 pattern to let people first think on their own then go to the table level)
    2. design high level game approach
    3. create a couple of questions
    4. play the game at either the plenar/group level - shall see. 
  6. (stretch) discuss Kahoot beyond the workplace (Schools, Community, etc.) 
  7. play a retrospective kahoot (ROTI, what are the chances you will play a kahoot at work, what are the chances you will design, which style you found most effective)


Note to reviewers - One possible variant of this is to focus the session on the use of Kahoot in a SAFe environment. I will run a similar proposal with that theme. 



Learning Outcome

  1. Learn about the use of Kahoot and similar games in session facilitation
  2. Know how to use a variety of available Lean/Agile context Kahoots
  3. Know how to design your own Kahoot
  4. Get some ideas for how to use Kahoot beyond the workplace

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Leaders, Managers, Others

schedule Submitted 4 years ago

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