Want to be more productive? Then put down your phone...

Ever get to the end of the day and think ‘Gee I’ve been busy all day but didn’t check anything off my list. Come to think of it, 2 more were added to my list.’ Or ever attend a remote meeting and try to quickly reply to an email only to be caught off guard with a question. Or have you ever been heads down deep in your wheelhouse and get incredibly frustrated when your interrupted by someone stopping by your desk to chat? Attend this session and learn 10 valuable tips that you can apply today to help you focus and be more productive.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction: Share my story about how I've become hyper focused through discipline and am now very passionate about helping others be more productive.

Review the 10 tips on how to focus:

  • Given that this is a talk, and my style is more interactive than tons of words on a PowerPoint, I intend to show visuals and/or pictures to illustrate the 10 tips.
  • I'll act out some of the common distractions and demonstrate the tip on how to handle it and stay focused
  • I'll share studies that support how multi-tasking is incredibly unproductive etc.
  • Time permitting, I'll ask attendees to raise their hands if they can relate and ask if anyone would mind sharing their story

Conclusion: Challenge attendees to put at least 2 of the tips in practice immediately. Provide a 1 page handout with the 10 tips.

Learning Outcome

In the imperfect world that we live in and gadgets galore, there are tons of opportunities for distraction. Attendees will learn different techniques to help them stay focused and therefore more productive.


Target Audience

Everyone! Managers so they can support the environment and recognize when they are the culprit. Anyone that works in an open space environment or has remote team members. Anyone with rapidly changing priorities.

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