Since the dawn of mankind people have shared information by telling stories. By saying they had a dream normal people were able to inspire others, by sharing their stories leaders are able to rally whole nations, by telling stories your kids fall asleep and you have the evening to yourself.

In lots of forms and different contexts, stories have proven to be very powerful. That's why it is one of the best ways for teams to share and discuss things. During introductions a personal story makes people remember and relate to what one said. When reflecting (during retrospectives) a story told through one's eyes makes it clear it's their opinion and perception, making other less critical and thus more respectful. During brainstorms stories make for compelling user journeys to rally people behind your idea.

During this session Jordann will show and use a simple storytelling framework which you can use to facilitate all kinds of sessions. The examples above of introductions, retrospectives and brainstorms are just the beginning once you get started. Let Jordann help you put the fun in functional!

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • presentation with app
    • who am I
    • what did I use these dice for
    • rules of improvisation
  • play few rounds in groups
  • share findings/experiences with others
  • round up

Learning Outcome

  • Telling stories is really powerful
  • Create deeper understanding
  • Help creativity with tool and boundaries

You'll walk away being more away of the power of stories, how sharing leads to caring and a tool to enable it all!

Target Audience

Agile Coaches - Scrum Masters - Facilitators - Team leads - Servant leaders/managers

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