Scrum Candy T-Race (Who’s Pulling Your Strings?)

Come help burn down the candy backlog while having some challenging fun!

Game Description:  Using a 5-person marker jig, be a member of the 5-person team which burns down the most candy prizes in their backlog while tracing one lap around the Scrum Cycle (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective) obstacle course without lifting their marker from the course and keeping their marker within the lines of the course.  Sounds like yum! :-)  And success will be sweet! :-)

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Outline/structure of the Session

[5 minutes] Game Briefing and Setup

Will form teams of 5 participants - maximum of 6 teams (30 participants).  Before the first sprint each team will estimate how many story points in candy prizes they think they can trace around within the sprint time limit.  They will then place that amount of candies on their course with at least one candy placed near the finish line to encourage them to finish within the time limit.  There will be story point penalties for each candy left untraced (WIP waste) at end of each sprint.

[2 minutes] Sprint #1

At the end of the sprint each team will calculate their velocity by tallying their candies traced minus their candies left untraced.  Special prize(s) will be awarded to team(s) with highest velocity. 

[5 minutes] Quick Retro of Sprint #1

Teams will discuss how to improve their estimates and results in Sprint #2.

[2 minutes] Sprint #2

[5 minutes] Quick Retro of Sprint #2 and Wrap-up

Learning Outcome

Game Learning Objectives: Demonstrate the power of self-organizing teams, face-to-face communication, and continuous improvement.

Target Audience

Everyone - especially candy lovers :-)

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