Got Retro "Muscle Milk"? Using Agile Games to Build Stronger Inspectors & Adaptors

Are your agile teams in a retrospective rut lately?  Are your retrospectives feeling like the same ole same ole – been there done that.  Come explore how fun interactive team games can build stronger inspect & adapt "muscles" while re-energizing team retrospective discussions to generate better insights.  Make muscles not excuses! :-)

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Outline/structure of the Session

[30 min] Presentation - Experiences using Agile Team Olympics and Agile Games Club concepts to build stronger teams and retrospective muscles – also lessons learned

Demonstration of two of the team games from the Agile Team Olympics:

[20 min] Game #1: Agile Survivor: Hook, Drag, & Toss – team multi-stage game in the spirit of Jeff Probst's Survivor TV series (Outwit, Outlast, Outplay) - form teams of 5 participants with a maximum of 6 teams

[20 min] Game #2: Completing the Squares – team puzzle solving activity - form teams of 5 participants with a maximum of 6 teams

Learning Outcome

Explore some fun interactive agile team game ideas to build stronger teams and retrospective muscles.  Gain an understanding of common retrospective dysfunctions and some recipes for success.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in re-energizing their retrospectives

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