Grow Your Product One Exquisite User Story at a Time

Regardless of the number of teams working on a product, or the size of a product, working software and its value starts with and continues to grow one story at a time. Having exquisitely written, small user stories maximizes the speed of that growth and the coordination of work between teams, especially when there are many teams cooperating together. In our experience, a major impediment to writing good user stories in the real word is a lack of example stories. Learn how to write exquisite user stories across a wide variety of domain types using games! This session will introduce advanced user story writing and splitting through a combination of a short presentation and ten unique games which each provide a different insight into user story writing. Some are geared to the who/what/why of stories, others to the different aspects of INVEST, and still others to creating vertical slices and story splitting. There are more than 100 examples of “good” and “bad” tasks, stories, epics, products, and projects. The games are easy to learn, play, and teach so that you can experience good user stories in just a few minutes. Come play the games and then download them and share them with your friends and co-workers!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

There are 25 minutes of presentation material/instruction including introduction interspersed throughout the session. The rest of the time is for participants to play the 10+ games.

Learning Outcome

How to write better user stories.

How to write smaller user stories.

How to identify stories that are really tasks and turn them into stories.

How to break down large user stories into smaller ones.

How to identify user stories that are missing elements.

How to gauge the negotiability, testability, and size of a user story.

Target Audience

Everyone. The best teams have a common understanding of user stories.

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