I'm quickly running out of time to submit this, so this is a draft. If the committee is interested in this game, I can update the information!!!

For an explanation of the Agile Fluency Game, see here: https://www.jamesshore.com/Blog/Agile-Fluency-Game-Now-Available.html


Outline/Structure of the Deep Dive

20 min - Introduction

90 min - game play & debrief

90 min - round 2 of game

10 min - Q/A

Learning Outcome

  • Learn benefits of agile practices
  • Experience balancing technical and collaborative processes while still delivering features.

Target Audience

Anyone working in Software Development

Prerequisites for Attendees

Working knowledge of agile.

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  • Matt Carlson
    By Matt Carlson  ~  11 months ago
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    Jenny - Thanks for taking the time to submit The Agile Fluency Game Deep Dive to Agile Games 2019!  We are interested in learning more about this game, and have a few follow-up questions about your submission:

    1. It would be much appreciated if you have time to update your proposal with additional details.  The sections that would be most helpful would be the intro/description of the Deep Dive, the Outline/Structure, and the Learning Outcomes (esp. the first bullet).

    2. Deep Dive sessions are scheduled for 3 hours.  This session is currently scheduled to go 3.5 hours.  Would it be possible to reduce this session down to 3 hours?

    3. In the Requirements section, you mention that we'd need to negotiate the max # of people.  The rooms at the venue range from 8 up to 40 people.  How many copies of the game do you plan on bringing?