How to build a problem solving culture; or lean management for iT

Continuous improvement, kaizen is a matter of all and at heart of iT management nowadays. Worldwide people have never work that much for such a less productivity.

In this context, how to transform a taylorism "command-and-control" culture into a problem solving culture w/o big upfront budget or analysis but scientificaly, through observations, step by step, little by little so that knowledge employee grow their creative muscle over memory muscle leading always to same solution.

This 40min talk is about a year long journey of a software team which sets a vision where to go (north star), defines its working standards, practices together (dojo) and starts making the bridge btw day to day problems and strategic company objectives through mojito-practice mixing OKR - Objective & Key Results - and kata, team iterative improvement practice first seen in Toyota production system based on A3 for PDCA systemic approach.

Along the road, team and its leader not just grow software knowledge and practices but stronger relationship, focus both agile and V-cycle team on continuous improvement, overcome culture and language (cross-cultural paradigm failure) and kill turn over despite very competitive environment. But above all, learn to solve problems by their own.

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Outline/structure of the Session



why lean management

how: standard - kata/OKR - obeya


bonus outcomes


Learning Outcome

lean management principles

lean tools: A3, Andon, poke yoka, working standards, kata

cross cultural paradigm failure

one team two systems (agile and V-cycle)

Target Audience


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  • Michael Chik
    By Michael Chik  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Christophe,


    Would you mind elaborating a bit on your proposal? It's rather barebones and doesn't give us a good idea of what you have in mind.





    • Christophe Muratet
      By Christophe Muratet  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply
      Hi Michael, same as before. Although i am giving the talk in France next week, so i will elaborate just after. So opportunity to refactor based on feedback.

      • Daryl Chan
        By Daryl Chan  ~  1 year ago
        reply Reply

        Interested to know how much experience/how much theory drives this talk.

        • Christophe Muratet
          By Christophe Muratet  ~  1 year ago
          reply Reply

          Hi Daryl, let me know if description is good enough, cheers