The Seven Nightmares of Scrum Masters

Scrum is simple, but yet hard to get it right, it is especially hard when the whole world is against you!

Product owner refused to join sprint planning, the developer that could not say a single word during Sprint review, and worse, developers failed to estimate and corrupted the source control system and the team cannot get any user stories done in this sprint! 

Once you are able to remove all impediments and yet more nightmares! With the first project success now PMO / Finance asks for a 95% estimation accurate! You did all the paperwork, budget approved and you are asked to start next weekwith zero developers! And as the lone Scrum team, you have to deal with 10+ waterfall teams that build your backend,

And last once you conquered all those and able to convert some of the team to Scrum and you reached the land of promise - the holy grail of Scrum scaling.....

Real-life stories that happened last year, from your humble Scrum Master - Lorenz C , 10-year of agile experience with 6 years as Scrum Master who is trying to survive in at a large organization with more than 1000 IT staff .......



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Outline/structure of the Session


  1. The Silent Genius
    • John is a great developer, but he cannot speak !!
  2. The missing person
    • Product Owner who refuses to join the Sprint meeting or  give back feedback and asks to change sprint planning / review dates
    • How to deal with worst case scenario and coach the Product Owner
  3. The Disastrous Sprint
    • Peter corrupted the source control system!
    • Mary cannot estimate!
    • Your first sprint passed and the team cannot get any user stories done!
    • How to coach the development team and deal with disastrous sprint
    • how to stop worrying and fail the sprint 
  4. The number nightmare
    • Agile Budgeting
    • the hidden secret of getting 95% accurate for a project with 8-word description 
  5. From Hero to Zero
    1. Agile Hiring
    2. Interviewing 250 developers in 2 years 
  6. Lone Scrum Team in a waterfall world 
    • How to work with other waterfall teams 
  7. The holy grail of scaling
    • Component team vs feature team
    • Mini-water fall
    • The never ending dependencies 
    • Scaling with Nexus





Learning Outcome

  Better adopting of Scrum to Enterprise / Large Development team 

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Scrum Master to be, Development Manager, Programme Manager, Executives

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