In response to fierce competition, we from SEEK Asia, a subsidiary that runs and, have been going through a tough journey to abandon the old-style, waterfall culture of product delivery in the last two years. Instead, we want to:


  • embrace a more collaborative and flexible way to get stuffs done


  • bring tech and product teams work and learn from failures together


  • have common understanding and buy-ins on product strategy, scope and decisions


  • make sure teams create and maintain good habits of frequent communications with great respect to each other


  • take advantage of our leading market position and the benefits of transforming to Agile to maximise our impact to the market


Changing team culture from waterfall to Agile is hard, especially when it comes to a well-established MNC with hundreds of employees. We are still in the middle of the process and we would like to share the challenges encountered and lessons learned so far, including but not limited to:


  • established beliefs, habits and culture
  • team diversity of knowledge domains and personalities, and the tendency of recruitments
  • organisational structure and silos


We are humble and interested to learn about your thoughts, and we do anticipate we can have an interesting conversation around these topics together!

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The beginning (JobDB: making stand-alone products & Agile establishment)
  • The forming & storming (Seek Asia:, products & people -thinking how best two becomes one, product rationalisation)
  • The norming and performing: (where are we now?, what’s important?, what are our goals/challenges/next phase of Agile evolution?)

Learning Outcome

To be able to understand the successful industry practical story to transform from waterall to Agile approach, with useful tips

Target Audience

Anyone who are interest in Agile practice

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