No innovation without Agility... and vice versa

This talk states the tight ties between innovation and agility.

Building up an Agile organization is itself an innovation journey. It relies on a structured process that fosters the emergence of a specific way to collaborate within a unique eco-system. In the first part of the presentation we present an Agile transformation approach that has proven succesfull and blends concepts from most popular innovation approaches nowaday e.g. Lean Starup and/or Design thinking.

Rversely, an effective innovation culture must be supported by a true Agile delivery capability. In the second part of the presentation we expose how a truly Agile development environment with effective Continuous Intergration and Delivery pipeline are major capability to enable digital product innovation.


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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Introduction
  2. The essence of Agility
  3. Agile transformation: an organizational innovation
  4. Digital innovation: just yet an Agile process?
  5. Product innovation & Agility: Case study
    1. Air traffic control system
    2. Taxi booking system

Learning Outcome

Innovation & Agility go hand in hand

Setting up an effective software production platform based on CI/CD to support software product innovation


Target Audience

Product Managers, Engineering Managers, any Software engineer interested in innovation & agility

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  • Daryl Chan
    By Daryl Chan  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks Yann.

    If necessary, is it possible to run a shorter version of this?

    Also, does your talk assume that the audience will have prior experience and knowledge of Agile, innovation, transformation, DevOps etc.? 

    • Yann Hamon
      By Yann Hamon  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      Yes I would assume audience to have basic understanding of Agile in general. But there is no much hard skills required. I'll survey the main traits of innovation processes but without getting into details.

      Understanding the key messages from this presentation doesnt require expertise.

      It's not easy to make the talk much shorter because it builds on the differents parts and skipping one of them whould blur the thread. 45mn might be doable but I do think its a bit too short.


      • Daryl Chan
        By Daryl Chan  ~  1 year ago
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        Thanks for clarifying.