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    Usage of Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Scrum-XP, FDD, Crystal and methodologies has become increasingly large in IT Industry and also non IT industries. As the usage of agile methods becoming wide spread, the effectiveness of implementation of these agile practices in projects, organizations become more important for success of agile. Agile manifesto and 12 agile principles, acts as guiding principles and helps in the agile deployment. But when it comes to operational daily tasks, there is no method to ensure whether agile projects implement 4 values of manifesto. For traditional methods of software development we have standards such as CMMI,ISO etc. This paper makes an attempt to defining Maturity Model for agile projects.

    Following maturity model has been defined after our experience in consulting and training agile methods.


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    Guidelines for Description

    Maturity Rating based on Focus Areas



    1) Following traditional Water fall approach for delivery. 2) Agile practices used in pockets. 3) Requirements/Features (Product backlog items) are more at high-level or Epics levels

    Any Focus area <= 50%. Overall Compliance <=50%



    1) Product backlog items are broken from EPICs   into development user stories, product back log grooming is done 2) Basic metrics used and not very strong in prediction of the current performance, timeliness of deliverables 3) The Agile team delivers business value occasionally

    All Focus Areas - 50% and 75%. Over-all compliance- 50-75%



    1) Iteration Status , Agile Metrics in place using Agile Tasks Board 2) Usage of historic data such as velocity, story points committed v/s delivered for forecasting and estimation 3) Team reports the Iteration Effectiveness, Release Effectiveness to different levels of management like functional manager, Product Owner and Top management. 4) Team is skillfully using the Agile Engineering Practices in projects if not at Program Levels

    All Focus Areas - >75% Overall compliance > 75%

    To validate the maturity levels defined, an assessment of agile practices in projects are done and mapped into following focus areas.


    Focus Areas

    Development Practices/ Infrastructure

    Iteration Planning/ Tracking

    Product Ownership

    Release Planning/ Tracking

    Team Cohesiveness( Collaboration)

    Agile Testing Practices


    In order to rate the maturity levels for any project, the compliance of agile practices are mapped into above focus areas and Radar Chart is plotted to depict the compliance of each of these focus areas and are the agile mturity in projects.





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