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    Agile metrix: How do you measure the success of your agile implementation?

    Tania van Wyk de Vries
    Tania van Wyk de Vries
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    Humans are creatures of habit and agile is really challenging that part of our existence everyday. I have seen many teams thinking they now get agile and they take what they learned and just practice it everyday without really reflecting on where they are at or the fact that they are not really moving forward. So in order to say your teams and organisation are really becoming more and more agile everyday you need some metrix to measure against.


    The collection of the metrix are 2 fold:

    1. Metrix are tracked through the agile project management tools teams use. We have defined the below set of metrix to interrogate our data to tell us how we doing.
    2. Some of the metrixs are done by getting feedback from teams and clients through surveys.


    Some of the metrix include:

    1. Measurement of quality
    2. Measuring customer satisfaction
    3. Measuring team happiness
    4. Measuring continuous improvement in process and technical practices
    5. Measuring time to market
    6. Measuring ROI
    7. Measuring productivity
    8. Measuring overall project progress
    9. Measuring change and improvement