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  • Sharad Julka
    Sharad Julka
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins

    -Open Source development depends a lot on community, their feedback,

    their suggestions, their reviews and their enthusiasm.

    -For an open source development project, the community itself is the first customer.

    -Product release for the community provides a good starting point to assess

    how the product will be accepted in the market.

    -This is very beneficial as it gives the software development team an edge over

    its competitors as it gets the pulse of the customer

    -In many ways the open source development has the culture similar to that of

    an Agile enterprise.

    -The principles guiding open source development are similar to Agile principles

    -The session presents views on above as well as how open source development projects employ agile for

    both the community development and for their own licensed version of the software.