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    Agile doesn't improve quality. Can we release a world class product?

    Jayaprakash P
    Jayaprakash P
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    There is a common concern by management that Agile doesn’t make a difference to the product quality. How do we release a product of world class quality?

     Problem is two folded:

    1. 'Definition of Done' is not created with Quality in mind, nor is it measured against the quality set at the beginning of the project.
    2. Quality Goals and subsequent adherence ensures quality is met and not just meeting 'Definition of Done' (DOD) criteria. For example DOD may be met, but quality may still be poor if not managed appropriately. How – lets discuss this through the session.

     Once the quality goals are defined for a project, Definition of Done should align with these quality goals.

    At McAfee, we have released world class quality products through Agile Methodology and Quality Best Practices together. One exceptional method we practice is by defining and tracking "Effective Quality Goals" for each sprint, and at every release.

    By driving agile projects through quality goals, we have products with ZERO defects deferred / logged by customers, 90+% code covered through automated test, 70% defects found early through development practices. This magic was not in just one project, but close to a dozen projects in the last 3-4 quarters.

    In this presentation, we will explain about how we changed the paradigm in the last 2 years and released world class quality products in a short span of time.