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    Why can’t Enterprise have all the Fun? –Tales from Enterprisy DevOps Land

    Yashasree Barve
    Yashasree Barve
    schedule 3 years ago
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    Case Study

    In the age of continuous deployments, where Googles and Facebooks of the world push newer features every now and then, without any down time to millions of users! Enterprises and Users of internal IT systems within Enterprise are still stuck with old time consuming processes that take ages to churn out new features to business. Why can’t Enterprises have this fun!

    This is a story of an Enterprise that adopted and got mature in its Agile Adoption. The sponsors could see value every sprint, but it took time to translate this value to end users. Drive to sustain agility as well as getting things out to end users quickly needed to take a great momentum.

    Experimenting with DevOps came as a natural extension to this Agile-Scrum adoption. We would like to talk about the how the idea of DevOps implementation in this Enterprise originated, the various challenges met at the initial stages, carving the road map and our journey. We would highlight the benefits that we reap out of this effort as well as share best practices from what we have learnt.