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    Performing Advanced Research in IT Topics using Agile methodologies

    Swarnalatha Ashok
    Swarnalatha Ashok
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    Experience Report

    This paper summarizes the experience & outcomes derived out of running  an Advanced Research elective using agile methodologies for MTech (Software Engineering) students of ISS – NUS. Using Agile way of development for exploratory research work is a unique idea using which we successfully deliver several student research projects every year. The paper would document the results of applying various agile management approaches ( like SCRUM) and engineering techniques ( TDD, Continuous Integration, Refactoring) to exploratory research work and argue on the benefits of using agile approach as against traditional software development approach for academic student exploratory research work. Evidences to show how agile techniques successfully help in doing exploratory projects would be produced. Further, the interesting aspect of how Agile techniques could be used in academic teaching work to stimulate student interest in the subject would be explored.

    Takeaways for participants attending this session:

    • Understand how agile methodologies can be used to perform exploratory research work
    • Provide a framework for conducting applied research work using agile methodology
    • Critique the suitability of Agile techniques for student research work
    • Explore opportunities for expanding the scope of agile methodologies to performing research work in industry.