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    Intellisense for your intimidating data

    Tamizhvendan S
    Tamizhvendan S
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins
    A growing trend in both the theory and practice of programming is the interaction between programming and rich information spaces. From databases to web services to the semantic web to cloud-based data, the need to integrate programming with heterogeneous, connected, richly structured, streaming and evolving information sources is ever-increasing.
    No matter what technology we use for accessing data, someone, somewhere needs to somehow specify how to map data from the source to a structure that can be used in the programming language.
    With F# 3.0 you now have a tool that massively simplifies information-rich analytical programming. F# 3.0 provides integrated support for F# Information Rich Programming, a new and powerful way of integrating data and services into your programming experience.
    This talk would demonstrate what F# 3.0 specifically offers in the area of Information Rich Programming (IRP), but also look at how information-richness makes us reconsider programming language and tooling design more generally, and take a look at the themes that recur in this kind of work.