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    Create an Agile virus in your organization, empower your team, change your life

    Gerry Kirk
    Gerry Kirk
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    90 mins

    Need buy in from a key manager or executive to adopt Agile? Desiring better team collaboration? Hungry for a saner life at home?
    Try Personal Kanbanwinner of the Shingo prize for Operational Excellence. It's the fastest, simplest way to taste test the goodness of the Lean Agile approach to managing knowledge work. Personal Kanban empowers small teams and individuals, at work and at home.Give that overwhelmed executive instant relief. Build your own system, and soon curious onlookers ask and then create their own. Look out, you've just released an Agile virus in your organization!
    You've also discovered a way for you and your team to get more out of your efforts, to improve communication, and find time for the things that matter most.In this session you'll learn how to create a Personal Kanban system through stories, examples and interactive exercises. Walk away understanding the psychology behind visualizing work and limiting work in progress, inspired and motivated to make a difference at work and home.