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    Inspect and Adapt – Powerful technique to increase productivity through continuous improvement

    Prabhakar Karve
    Prabhakar Karve
    schedule 3 years ago
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    90 mins

    Inspect & adapt is an important agile practice. Inspection helps us to see the reality beyond our filters. Better awareness of reality helps us to more effectively re-plan our work and modify our existing way-of-working.

    There are multiple benefits of this practice, but in this workshop we focus on how it can lead to continuous improvement in productivity.

    Inspect and adapt can be used while carrying out regular work activities across the entire agile life cycle. However our focus will be on the Scrum ceremonies and common artifacts.

    In this workshop, through discussions and exercises, we explore Innovative ways to expand our capability to carry out inspection & adaptation, without adding any extra overhead.

    During the session you also get a few simple yet powerful tips which can be practiced immediately once back from the conference.

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