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    Applying Agile Practices in the Refurbishment/Modernization of my housing society

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    Case Study

    In the rush to be a proud owner of a large independent penthouse apartment in a huge housing society I did not realize (or did not want to) the actual reason behind this good bargain!

    I ended up being party to the following list (product backlog) of pain areas (or business needs) of the society members:

    • 1.Need of Generator backup to cater to the frequent power cuts at least for the common areas and lifts (I had bought my condominium on the top floor and could realize the pain!) – Must have and High Cost
    • 2.Modernization of the ageing lifts across 18 buildings (thanks to the substandard quality lifts which I realized when I started staying there L ) – Must have due to high risk however huge Cost
    • 3.Need for the CCTV Camera – Must have considering the frequent untoward incidents
    • 4.Seepage and septic tank upgrade
    • 5.Pavements, speed breakers
    • 6. And the list goes on….

    This resulted into the society being least valued in that area and no ROI for the members who had invested in the society.

    The society committee members were clueless on where to start (prioritizing with business value) with the given evolving budget and how to manage the timeline.

     Through this report, I intend to share how I utilized following Agile practices to overcome the challenges faced by the society members for its refurbishment and converted the society into one of the most sought out society over the period of few milestones (releases)!

    • 1.Prioritization(MoSCoW) of the backlog by agreeing up urgent need of the society in the given budget
    • 2.Continuous planning and re-prioritization of product backlog
    • 3.Outcome(Value) based agreement with various vendors
    • 4.Managing discipline in the acceptance criteria and retrospection (i.e. PWD lift inspection and approval for lifts functioning with the given municipality specifications and taking learning to replicate the same for future enhancements)
    • 5.Delivering end to end(INVEST) in the production in short releases ( i.e. one lift modernization end to end and commissioning of Diesel Genset end to end through incremental approach)
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