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    Scrum Adoption in Outsourced Multivendor Scenario

    Sanjeev Prasad
    Sanjeev Prasad
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    In the last couple of years Agile methodologies have gone from strength to strength and gained tremendous popularity as well as following within the software industry. From amongst all the Agile methods Scrum is by far the most popular and has become the de facto industry standard today. However, during the course of this journey Scrum had to contend with another stalwart of the software industry, namely “Outsourcing”. And to survive and prosper Scrum has had to evolve and adapt to the biggest challenge that Outsourcing posed – “Multi-Vendor, multi-location teams”. However an outsourced multivendor distributed landscape is still viewed widely as a potent recipe for Scrum failure; and acts as the primary deterrent to Scrum adoption across many organizations.

    This paper shares the experience based on the practical challenges faced by IT Services Organizations on the adoption of Scrum in multivendor distributed scenarios as well as the benefits perceived and realized; by presenting various scenarios faced by them in their daily business cycle.