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    Being Agile in a Non-agile World

    Angeline Aggarwal
    Angeline Aggarwal
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins

    Software projects are all about collaboration – within teams, with external teams, external agencies, etc.Executing a project as a stand-alone team even in a sterile agile environment can be challenging. But what happens when you have to additionally collaborate with other non-agile teams to accomplish project goals?

    Non-agile teams follow different processes, have different priorities and most of all have a different mindset. How, as a Product Owner, can you plan sprint goals and milestones, get these teams to buy-in to your project vision and take time out to prioritize and help accomplish your project goals.

    In my session, I will share my experience in working with non-agile teams. I will explore the challenges that both teams face, and share practices and solutions that, if adopted, could make the end-result a win-win for all teams involved.