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    Convincing Agile Estimation to a non-Agile Project board

    Anuradha Gajanayaka
    Anuradha Gajanayaka
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    Case Study

    Software development estimates are considered to be evil. If you have attended Agile India 2013 you know what I’m talking about! Both we use user stories and points or Gantt chat and hours, we have never discovered that magical formula for the right estimation.

    But is it something you dare to tell your project board?

    The bad news is that the software industry may not be able to forgone Estimate for a foreseeable future. The good news is that agile estimation techniques provides some kind of balance between need for estimates and inability to predict future.

    Still, our Agile Estimates can be really challenging when the receiving partly has no clue about Agile Software Development, specially the customers, members of project control boards and senior management.

    In this case study, I would like to draw the experience on how we used certain techniques and invented some tools to convince a non-Agile, traditional project board to use Agile Estimates.