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  • Prajakta Thakur
    Prajakta Thakur
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    Scrum Team’s success depends totally on how the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the Scrum Team perform their responsibilities well.

    Product Owner’s is a multi-faceted role. A PO undertakes a range of responsibilities like maintaining product backlog; prioritizing items as per business value or return on investment; conveying vision and goals to the team, engaging customer, participating in scrum ceremonies, monitoring product progress, liaising with team for effective delivery and so on.

    Scrum Master has the onus to protect the team from outside interference, help the team resolve impediments , guide the team and PO to effectively adopt Scrum Processes, monitor the project without command and control

    Whereas a cross functional Scrum Team of Developers, Designers, Architects, Testers,etc. have to undertake functions like Analysis, Estimation, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment in an effective manner. They have to self-manage and self-organize to achieve committed deliverables and hold accountability for the success of each iteration

    Type of product, product lifecycle stage, project size, domain knowledge of the team are various factors which further govern what all responsibilities a Scrum Team needs to shoulder. With such huge gamut of responsibilities to be managed, it is bound that a Scrum Team commits mistakes.

    This session attempts to showcase some of the common mistakes, which Scrum Teams commit and ways to avoid these mistakes. Awareness of these common mistakes or lessons learnt will help teams to prevent such scenarios and ensure effective delivery.