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    Why not estimate? Think different for story point estimation.

    Naveen Nanjundappa
    Naveen Nanjundappa
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    The Agile Community talks a lot about Estimation and need for it. A large majority have different opinions, but when it comes to teams and organizations that are transforming to Scrum, mostly suffer in group estimation and story point estimation technique. 

    Agile primarily focus on value based deliver and that doesn't need estimation. 

    This presentation enrich those audience who need estimations for their project/product development, with details that make estimates better. At the same time it doesn't advocate estimation as a must have for product development.

    Following 4 aspects will be connected to story point estimation and help audience understand the story-point estimation.

    1. Concept of Accuracy and Precession

    2. Cone of Uncertainty

    3. Story point Estimation scale

    4. Group Estimation and Relative Estimation

    Teams struggle in estimating the product backlog items. Composition of estimation: any estimate is a mix of "the known, unknown and complexity". The presentation shall also connect estimation thoughts to product backlog and the cone of uncertainty