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    Effective 9 Practices to minimize technical debt

    Vinay Krishna
    Vinay Krishna
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    Often we find it difficult to incorporate any changes in a software project during later phases of its development, or during post-delivery maintenance. Primary reason for this is inflexibility in design and code which makes it difficult for changes to be incorporated. This inflexibility substantially increases the cost of making changes and this metaphor has been termed as Technical Debt.
    While Technical Debt cannot be eliminated completely, its burden needs to be reduced. Many agile practitioners have suggested some practices to avoid or eliminate Technical Debt.
    In this session I shall discuss about a method to get relief from Technical Debt and talks about nine proven practices that a developer can follow to minimize Technical Debt. These practices help to:

    • Change the coder's mindset so that they should use technical practices i.e. various refactoring techniques to reduce technical debt in code and design
    • Developers to plan and manage the time to pay down the debt i.e. determine your living budget
    • Take minimal technical credit in design and code

    These practices have been used and found to be effective when implemented in projects which will be used as a case study.

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