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    Cent Cent Business Value! A Sneak Peek at sprints from evolving design/UI, getting right priorities to delivering $$

    Prerna Kale
    Prerna Kale
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    We want to share experience of working on a complex project, with deadlines set upfront and all players distributed. Perhaps argued as a complex combination to have but yet we were right there, on time enabling the new tool there. Reporting systems often have evaluation cycle that have imperative timelines to start and freeze, hence working for a huge system was not easy. Right agilist mindset with right agile practices helped us meet this. As a Product owner I jostled with eight experts using one system with some variation for their own service lines. We want to show how we leveraged the benefits of distributed teams balanced the challenges, kept the UI flexible enough to accommodate 8 expert reviews, and how our evolving architecture designed a system that had the most used and important features for the users to try hands on..

    Introspecting and sharing how we ensured Cent Cent business Value:

    - Kick off the project with eight stakeholders that got the ball rolling
    - Identifying the 30 % that was core to the business
    - Inspecting, and adapting to constant changes with modular designs
    - Getting stakeholder agree on priorities
    - Release Backlog with stories and design with validated acceptance criteria
    - Managing challenges and ensuring meeting needs seamlessly with truly distributed teams (Distributed PO/Designer/Architect/ Team/ Stakeholders)

    How important is it to dig the core 20-30% in projects with deadline upfront and ways to do that.. Prioritization techniques that enabled mutual agreement on the needs. Backlog with designs that reduced the development time. How work effectively with distributed teams, by building trust, keeping motivation and sharing the definition of done- yes we lived it and did it! We want the audience to explore it all with us and be open to take up and successfully meet the projects with distributed agile teams and tight deadlines yet agile :)