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    The Guessing Game - Alternatives to Agile Estimation

    Neil Killick
    Neil Killick
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins

    Agile promotes empiricism and change, yet many practitioners continue to scope out and estimate delivery times and costs for software products and projects.

    Defenders of the art of estimation claim that we need to estimate software projects in order to answer common business and customer questions such as:

    • Should we go ahead with this project? (go/no-go)
    • How much will it cost? (bottom line)
    • When will it be done? (predictability)
    • Should we do project B instead of A? (prioritisation)

    This session challenges participants to flip these questions on their heads and seek alternatives to estimation rituals. It covers the many risks inherent with an estimation culture and demonstrates real, practical alternatives, both at the portfolio and the sprint level.