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    Battlefield Agility

    Savita Pahuja
    Savita Pahuja
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    Battlefield Agility® is a quest to make our deliveries better, more collaborative, faster and effective. It relies on age old principle from the Army to provide a holistic view of the problem landscape which a project team needs to solve and be able to succeed in this, through small collaborative groups working in coordination to achieve the bigger goals.

    Battlefield Agility® derives from the Agile manifesto and principles and adds to it the key ingredient of individual wisdom to create a plan for a team which will help it succeed in successful deliveries . This is a goal based approach to increase MVP and ROI.

    The purpose of this method is to make team members more focused about their work, equal distribution of work in the team and increase productivity.

    Battlefield Agility enumerates the mechanisms of planning, better field view to all team members, ease of multitasking, reduce task switching.

    Key benefits of Battlefield Agility® 

    • A focused approach to software development as development proceeds through small battles to be won
    • Reduced multitasking and better efficiency of team members
    • Faster deliveries as the work is divided to right sized battles to be won
    • Parallel efforts by team members ensure the time to market is significantly lesser
    • Less process overhead as the collaboration is real time and more time is spent on the ground than on meetings
    • Small teams ensure close camaraderie and collaboration among team member
    • The team can even work on disparate work areas ( if required) in order to make best us of their expertise