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    Keep learning even when pressed for time

    Prabhakar Karve
    Prabhakar Karve
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    There are two ways to learn. From books and trainers; and by experiencing life. Life is a great teacher.

    We are always pressed for time; that is a reality. But we can’t do anything till we have enough time; that is a myth. Because we can.

    For learning skills and acquiring knowledge we need time. We can beg borrow or steal. Beg & borrow doesn’t work. Learn interesting ways to steal time.

    Once we take care of time for skills & knowledge, we are ready to handle learning by experiencing. That doesn’t need extra time; if we know how. Through discussions and exercises, master innovative ways like maneuvering attention, watching exceptions and seeking interactions.

    Being at conferences is fine, but we need something while at work where we belong. Use a few simple yet powerful tips to keep learning.