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    Agile and Non-Violence : A Curious link.

    Unmesh Joshi
    Unmesh Joshi
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins

    Several years back I was reading some articles by Vinoba Bhave about Non violent organizations. I found striking silimarity between thoughts expressed in those articles and principles of Agile.  The original article was in Marathi. I got it translated in English and discussed the similarities with several Agile leaders. They found that there indeed this similarity. 

    Reading about non violent organizations, helped me understand self-organization in Agile/Scrum a lot better than any book on Scrum or Agile. This in fact changed my understanding completely and helped me think beyond popular Agile practices like TDD, Pairing etc.

    The talk will show links between principles of Agile and Non violent organizations.