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  • Bimlesh Gundurao
    Bimlesh Gundurao
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins
    Case Study

    Transforming a Business to be Agile involves a lot of moving parts. Being Agile not only means delivering high quality software, but ability to respond to changing Customers Needs/Markets/Competitors/Stakeholders and more. Fundamental to this change is "People" within the organization. Keeping “People Over Process” at the center its important  to facilitate the People in the organization to be fully successful. So how do we ensure they are successful? How does goal setting change? How does measurement of these goals change? Focus on Organization adoption to Agile largely has been limited to Engineering function. But how has the HR process changed to facilitate this transformation to be truly successful?

    In this session will look to bring in some of the best practices that are followed in the organizations through a Mix of Case Study and Research across Product and IT Services Organizations.

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