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    Setting agile teams for success – Use of Operations Research to improve agility

    Lalatendu Das
    Lalatendu Das
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    Experience Report

    While there is a good amount of literature on how an existing agile team can self-organize to deliver higher business value, very little has been said about how to use learning from one team on another or how to set new agile teams for long term success.

    In our organization, a typical engagement lasts for 6-8 weeks, leaving very little time for team ramp-up. Setting teams for success was not aspirational but a core ingredient to our service delivery. We explored the field of Operations Research (OR) and applied some of the techniques to software engineering. In this experience report, we are going to share how we leveraged OR concepts such as “Queueing Models” and “Network Optimization” techniques to identify

    - What should be the ideal size of a story to deliver optimal value

    - What should be the optimal team staffing for a given scope of work

    - How to get more predictability on release plans of agile projects

    While our research in this field has been tailored to a very specific type of work we do, the concepts and learning can have wider application.